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Warpath - Damnation (English Version)

The new sensation of the moment is called Warpath. This quartet from the United Kingdom has been causing a frisson not only in their homeland, but also in the rest of Europe, USA and other countries as well. The reason for such euphoria is easily explainable: the rescue of the roots of Thrash Metal. Provoking comments in its favor or opposed ones, all of them very heated, this trend does not pass unnoticed. Thus, Warpath, which is certainly not a mere follower of this trend, has been atracting a growing international visibility. Since the launch of their EP "Cataclysm", there was the suspect that this was not an ordinary band. The certainty of this fact came with its first album, "Damnation". Produced by the band, mixed by Orlando Villaseñor (Chimaira, Hate Eternal), mastered by guitarist James Murphy (Testament, Death) and released in independently way, the debut's quality is above average. The guitar work is simply impeccable, just listen to a sample in the track that has the same disc's name. It also must be said about the drumms of James, the perfectly audible bass of Joel, and the voice of Richard (which could have a most frequent presence). What you will hear are 32 minutes of pure old school Thrash Metal. Not for mere reasons, some of the various awards that the band has received from the specialized press, such as "Best Unsigned Band of 2008" by the Terrorizer magazine, are more than deserved. However, this leads to the following question: are we in fact facing a new monster of metal, or because the new generation of metal bands is full of crappy bands, Warpath is being disproportionately glorified? I hope the first option is true.

Average: 8/10
Label: Unsigned
Date of release: 03/??/2008
Website: www.myspace.com/warpathuk /

01. Damnation
02. Infernal
03. Hostile Takeover
04. Face To Face
05. Spitting Blood
06. Life Unworthy Of Life
07. W.M.D
08. Expendable Forces

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