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Shrimp - Gonzo Fishing Trip (English Version)

Experimentalism within the Metal is no longer a new stuff, nor restricted practiced. Thus, the same autophagic tendency observed in other saturated genders (like Metalcore, and more recently represented by the so called Deathcore), applies to it, which means that only the most competent musicians achieve success. And the Californian quartet Shrimp happens to fit with this last selected group. Not for mere reasons, because the members are excellent musicians. The technical skill of all members provides them an impressive versatility. Thus, each of the five songs that comprise their debut EP "Gonzo Fishing Trip", are completely unique, but maintaining a certain standard stablished by the band (which may be difficult to understand, since standard is a concept apparently ignored by the group). On the other hand of what people might think when facing the hillarious and eccentric aspect of this work, that's about a serious record, very well recorded and produced, and with a great visual aspect (owner of an interesting artwork in digipack format). Dealling with an homogeneous quality album, the highlights to be made do not follow a hierarchy. They are, therefore, great passages such as the gummy chorous in "Manifest Democracy", the drummer Justin's solo in "The Lobstrosities" and the collective effort on the excellent "I'll Be Your Huckleberry". Putting in this way, the quartet was very successful in his debut, no doubt about it. And what is allready awesome can be even better: the first full-length is about to come.

Average: 8/10
Label: Originology
Date of release: 05/30/2008
Website: www.myspace.com/shrimptheband

01. The Lobstrosities
02. Manifest Democracy
03. Loaded To The Gunwalls
04. Decomposed And Cannibalized
05. I'll Be Your Huckleberry

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